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How Do I Attend The China (Yongkang) International Door Expo?


How Do I Attend The China (Yongkang) International Door Expo?

There are not many restrictions on participating in The China (Yongkang) International Door Expo, and exhibitors only need to meet the following two conditions.


To participate in this exciting event, exhibitors only need to hold a visa to come to China.

If you are not from a country that has a visa-free policy with China, then you will need to apply for a Chinese visa before you go. There are many different types of visas, but the most common one for business trip is the "M" visa.

Here is the place you can get a Chinese Visa.

1. The Embassy or Consulate General of P.R.China in your country(Missions Overseas).
2. A local travel agency or visa agency.
3. The Commissioner's Office of China's Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong. Website Tel: 852-34132300 or 852-34132424  Email:

(2)Participation Fee

Exhibitors can participate in the exhibition by purchasing admission tickets for 30 RMB on site.

How do I get to the International Door Expo?

Visitors can easily access the exhibition center via various transportation modes, including buses, taxis, and trains.

1) Yongkang South Station (high-speed rail station): Take K11 bus directly; or take a taxi directly to Yongkang International Convention and Exhibition Center, which is 7 kilometers away and takes about 15 minutes.

2) Yongkang Railway Station: Take the K2 bus route directly; or take a taxi directly to the exhibition hall, which is 5.5 kilometers away and takes about 15 minutes.

3) Yongkang East Bus Station: The straight-line distance to the exhibition hall is about 700 meters, and it takes 5 minutes to walk.

4) Yiwu Airport: Take a taxi or take bus No. 102 to Yiwu International Trade City Passenger Transport Center. From the Passenger Transport Center to Yongkang East Bus Station, the bus runs about every hour.

5) Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport: Take the airport bus to Yongkang West Bus Station, then take the K2 bus or take a taxi to the exhibition hall for about 15 minutes; or take the airport bus to Hangzhou East Station (high-speed rail station), and take the high-speed rail to Yongkang South Station for about 15 minutes It takes 10 hours to arrive.

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