How to choose a security door?



Many customers purchase doors that are advertised as being anti-theft when they are actually steel or some other so-called anti-pry doors. Many buyers are now perplexed about how to select and purchase anti-theft doors. The purchase can be made based on preferences and financial constraints. When selecting anti-theft doors, concrete customers should consider the following factors.

1. Make your decision based on the door's size and opening direction.

Household standard doors typically have four specifications, each of which is represented by four figures and includes the building opening's width and height. Users can select the best security door based on their specific needs, such as the size of the hole, the direction in which the door should be opened, and the color scheme.

2. Pay attention to the security door's surface quality and safety.

The steel plate utilized for the steel security door's frame should be at least 2mm thick. The door body often measures more than 20mm in thickness, whereas the steel plate used for the front and back panels of the door leaf typically has a thickness between 0.8 and 1mm. Check the door body's weight, which is often 40 kg or more above. Verify the security door grade stamp located on the inner door's hinge side. If there isn't a stamp, the door isn't security and doesn't conform to national standards.

3. Examine the security of the door hardware that prevents theft.

The key and the lock are primarily responsible for the security effectiveness of the security door. So, when choosing an security door, it's important to verify that the lock has a remarkable security lock that has passed inspection by the public security department and that the lock installation includes a reinforced steel plate for protection. Additionally, check the performance report for and key locks. Super-B-Class locks are the safest of the three security door lock cylinder levels, which are ABC (Super B-Class).

4. Check the security door's structure and operation.

To examine the inside structure of the door, remove the peephole, door bell box, or lock handle. To naturally connect the front and back panels of the door body, there should be a number of reinforcing steel bars inside the door. It is advisable to use asbestos and other fillers in the door that have the properties of fire prevention, heat preservation, and sound insulation. Verify the product's level of craftsmanship, including the tightness with which the door leaf and door frame cooperate and the presence of any welding flaws.

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