The Importance Of Sealing Strip For Security Doors


The Importance Of Sealing Strip For Security Doors

Although people are becoming increasingly concerned about the selection of doors and windows, as long as there are gaps, wind will always find its way in. The occurrence of drafts directly affects the heating and soundproofing effects inside the house. Sealing strip for door gaps can fill in the spaces between the door and the frame, preventing drafts and whistling sounds.

Most people believe that sound insulation is achieved through the thickness of the door, but sealing strip plays a significant role as well. Good sealing strip can reduce the gaps between various components of the security door, ensuring better sealing and insulation.

The Role Of Sealing Strip

Sealing strip for security doors may not be very noticeable, but it is crucial. The most obvious effect is sealing and shock absorption. sealing strip can isolate indoor and outdoor air, effectively providing insulation and energy efficiency. It also prevents the leakage or intrusion of substances such as rainwater, air, dust, and insects. Installing sealing strip on the doorstop can reduce the impact noise when closing the door, protect the edges of the door leaf, prolong the lifespan of the door, and reduce noise.

In the past, most security doors used old-fashioned sealing strip. When newly installed, the sealing strip had good elasticity and sealing properties, effectively isolating most of the noise. However, as the years go by, the sealing strip ages, and its elasticity gradually decreases. At this stage, the sealing strip may become brittle, hardened, or even cracked. As a result, its insulation properties significantly deteriorate.

High-quality sealing strip is tight, not easy to fall off or wear out. It provides shock absorption, waterproofing, fire resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, dust prevention, and fixation. It also significantly increases the lifespan of the sealing strip.

How To Choose Sealing Strip

For security door sealing strip, it is recommended to use silicone and rubber sealing strip. Rubber sealing strip has strong plasticity and can effectively prevent air leaks, providing better sealing. Silicone sealing strip offers advantages such as heat resistance, cold resistance, and breathability. However, it is important to choose the appropriate silicone sealing strip based on the actual situation to avoid poor application and wastage.

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