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USELUCK DOOR kicks off work today!


We kick off the work today! On January 28th, USELUCK DOOR's whole personnel reported for duty (the seventh day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar). All colleagues actively devoted themselves to their work with a full of energy and a cheerful work appearance. At the same time, we sequentially informed our cherished companions that we had begun working, inquired about their recent situations, found out if they had begun working like us, and wished them a happy new year.


Every year, the firm organizes spring climbing events in accordance with practice. Climb the heights and look far away, implying that the company's performance will rise step by step, and look forward to a bright blueprint for the new year. This year is no different. We summited the North Peak (which is located in Hangzhou city,Zhejiang Province) together today after dinner to start the run-up to 2023 with a positive, united, and unflinching mental outlook.


The business gave out lucky money for the New Year to every employee on the first day of work. Chinese businesses offer their employees "LUCKY MONEY," which are symbolic of "good fortune," on the first day of the Chinese New Year's work period. Additionally, it conveys the company's care for its staff and wishes them a happy new year and many blessings.


Last but not least, USELUCK DOOR sends its genuine best wishes for the coming year to all of its partners. Looking forward to doing more enjoyable work with you in 2023! In the years to come, we plan to keep up the good job, adapt to the times, and give our clients the best services possible. We also hope you'll keep an eye out for our newest advancements! Together, we look forward to building a brighter tomorrow! 

Yongkang Hongyuan Import & Export Co.,Ltd(USELUCK DOORS) is located in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province . Established in 2009 with covered 80000 square meters of standard workshop with more than 500pcs  experienced and professional staffs.We are one of large-scale manufacturers of steel security doors, steel doors, interior doors and armored doors in Yongkang.

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