What are the types of interior doors?



When it comes to interior doors, there are various materials to choose from. Each material has its unique characteristics and benefits. In this article, we will discuss the different types of interior doors based on their materials.

1. Doors
Made of Wood And Wood Plate

The indoor wooden doors we are talking about are usually dividedinto three materials:

1) Original Wood Door

Don't take the name literally, the original wood door is not just cut a piece of wood to make the door. Not to mention how expensive a piece of such a large board is, the cracking problem of the wood itself cannot be avoided at all. Therefore, in order to avoid cracking, the original wood door must be spliced with multiple pieces of wood, which is determined by the characteristics of the wood itself. But no matter how many pieces of wood are used, they should be the same kind of wood, such as oak log doors, and every part should be made of oak.

The biggest feature of the original wood door is that the direction of the wood grain is obviously different.

The hardwood of the original wood door is suitable for carving, and the craftsmanship requires splicing. The style is classical and complicated, so the price of the original wood door is expensive, and the consumer group positioning is also very clear. It is a local tyrant.

2) Solid Wood Door

The overall structure of the solid wood door is made of cheap wood, such as fir finger-jointed boards, and the outer layer is covered with MDF, and then the veneer is pasted. The finish can be solid wood veneer, melamine finish or other techniques. In this way, various colors and patterns on the door panel can be realized, and it is no longer limited by the splicing of wood.

The sound insulation effect of solid wood doors is very good, and the price is lower than that of original wood doors. It is the most commonly used interior door.

3) Solid Wood Composite Door

The price of solid wood composite doors is the lowest among wooden doors, and the weight is also the lightest, which is easy to distinguish. Usually, ordinary wood is used as the frame, and then the density board is pasted on both sides. The gaps between the frames are mostly filled with honeycomb cardboard. The "paper door" reported in the media refers to the solid wood composite door. However, it needs to be clarified that there is no quality problem in filling with honeycomb cardboard. Under the premise of ensuring a firm frame, the sound insulation effect of honeycomb cardboard can also meet the needs of home furnishing.

Points to note about doors made of wood

1) Paint-free doors, painted doors, and molded doors all refer to the surface manufacturing process of the door, and have nothing to do with the internal material of the door.

Baking paint is an essential process for making wooden doors, which is not worth mentioning.

Paint-free is also a very broad and inaccurate concept. Now it can be said that all doors can be paint-free.

Molding is to use a mold to punch out concave and convex patterns on the door panel, which can only be realized by solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors.

2) As long as the size of the door opening is within a certain size (the regulations of each manufacturer are slightly different), the price is exactly the same.

3) Glass can also be inlaid on wooden doors.


2.Doors Made of Plastic

In some places where wooden doors are not suitable, such as bathrooms, plastic doors are suitable for low budgets.

1) PVC Door

For real plastic doors, each leaf of the door including the door frame is made of PVC plastic, and the thickness is about 1~1.3 cm. Naturally, the thickness cannot be compared with wooden doors, but the price is cheaper. Even for the style with embedded glass, the unit price is more than 100 yuan per square meter. However, such a thin door can only block the line of sight, and the sound insulation is basically ineffective.


2) Wood Plastic Composite Door (WPC Door)

The wood-plastic door is a set door extruded from PVC plus wood powder and some plastic additives. It is an organic combination of plastic and wood. The advantages are zero formaldehyde and environmental protection, water resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, moth resistance, anti-bacterial, sound insulation, heat preservation and flame retardant. Disadvantage: There are relatively few styles and shapes.


3) Plastic Steel Door

The most commonly encountered material is PVC plastic itself. Because simply using PVC is not strong enough, steel is stuffed inside as a support, which not only ensures the low price, but also solves the problem of strength.

Plastic steel doors are mostly used on balcony doors, but because they are not afraid of getting wet, many bathroom doors are also used. Plastic steel doors are twice as expensive as pure PVC doors, but they are still very cheap.

PVC doors can fully meet the needs of blocking the line of sight when used on a low budget, but the full plastic feel is not particularly attractive. It is recommended to upgrade metal doors when the budget is sufficient.

3.Doors Made of Steel

Because metal doors are cold, most of the time their appearance imitates wood grain, or they are used in homes with strong styles.

1) Steel-Wood Door

The steel-wood door is a set door used for interior decoration. It is a door made of wood and covered with steel plates. It is not strong enough to be a security door and can only be used as an interior door. Users can choose different colors, wood, lines and patterns according to the advertisement page provided by the manufacturer to integrate with the interior decoration, and it is no longer as cold and uncoordinated as steel doors. Steel-wood doors have the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, economy, use, convenience, and beauty.

2) Steel Sheet Door

Most of them are used as industrial-style container-style iron doors, and other styles are rarely used indoors.

4.Doors Made of Glass

Most glass doors have a metal outer frame, but the material used for the frame varies.

1) Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Glass Door

Also known as aluminum alloy doors, aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy doors, the main component is aluminum, and it is often used as a material for windows and balcony doors. It can be regarded as an upgraded version of plastic steel doors, and usually only used as glass door frames.

The color styles of aluminum-magnesium alloy are very rich, and imitation wood grain can also be made (the imitation is not good-looking). However, the strength of the magnesium-aluminum alloy is not enough, the frame cannot be made too thin, the narrowest can only be 4cm, and a certain grid must be ensured, otherwise the weight of the glass cannot be supported.

2) Stainless Steel Glass Door

Most of the small and thin frame glass doors on the net are made of stainless steel, which can be realized by spraying black paint and black glass glue. Although it is simple to say, many manufacturers may not be able to do it, especially the ultra-thin frames below 2.5cm, which still test the level of craftsmanship. If you find a manufacturer that can make stainless steel glass doors with thin frames, ask them to change the color, and you can make small and thin frames that are popular on the Internet.



Choosing the right interior door material is essential for achieving your desired aesthetic appeal, durability, and functionality. Each material has its unique characteristics and benefits, making it important to consider your needs, budget, and preferences when selecting an interior door for your building.

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