What is a non-standard door? The difference between non-standard doors and standard doors



With the prevalence of personalized home furnishing, more and more people want to show their individuality. In addition to customized furniture, even the size of doors can be customized now. What is the non-standard door on the market? What is the difference between non-standard doors and standard doors? Next, let's learn about the relevant knowledge of non-standard doors.

What is a non-standard door

The standard door is a general door made by the door manufacturer. The size of the door of the bought house has a certain standard, that is, the ordinary door. The size of the general standard door is 860*2050mm and 950*2050mm. Non-standard door is a general term. It has no fixed size and style. It is generally customized according to customer requirements. If it does not meet the size of the standard door, it is a non-standard door. A non-standard size door is a non-standard door! Whether the door is a non-standard door or a standard door has nothing to do with the material, only the size.

Features of non-standard doors

Non-standard doors are made of a wide range of materials, generally including wood, stainless steel, copy copper, copper and precious metals. Now the non-standard doors made of stainless steel are more popular in the market. Its beautiful and simple appearance, high anti-theft performance and low price make the non-standard doors made of stainless steel occupy the mainstream market. Non-standard doors made of copper and precious metals are also popular in the high-end market.

1. The detachable and interchangeable hinge design can easily complete the interchange of 90° and 180° hinges, which is easier to upgrade and has a greater bearing capacity.

2. The upper and lower linings of the door are stamped and formed by independent molds, with thicker plates and better strength.

3. The non-standard door adopts fine embossing process in the production process, which greatly improves the overall strength of the door panel;

4. Many non-standard doors also have a combined doorbell design, which improves the strength of the facade and increases the safety factor. There is also a wide-angle peephole design, with a visibility of 160°, a wide field of vision, and no dead ends.

5. The surface treatment agent of high-quality non-standard doors adopts a unique formula to make the adhesion of the coating film 3 times that of ordinary treatment agents, thereby improving the surface quality effect.

6. The surface of the high-quality non-standard door is made of high-quality varnish, which ensures the high solid leveling of the product surface, making the whole door appear thick and full, with excellent visual effect, and of course its decorative effect is also very good.

The difference between non-standard doors and standard doors

The difference between non-standard doors and standard doors is the difference in size.

The standard door hole size of the interior door is: 860mm*2050mm*240mm, the standard door hole size of the entrance door is: 950mm*2050mm*90mm or 950mm*2050mm*220mm.

Non-standard door is a general term, which can be simply understood as a door that is not a standard size, has no fixed size and style, and is generally customized according to customer requirements.

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