What kind of material is ideal for an security door?



Different security doors can be seen everywhere in daily life. It is crucial because it acts as the first line of defense for home anti-theft. So what materials are used in security doors? Which substance is suitable for an security door? Here is a brief overview of security door materials and comparison of the benefits and drawbacks of various materials for security doors.

Steel Security Door

Steel security door is the most sold product on the market and the most familiar product to general consumers. It is said that its sales account for more than 80% of the total sales in the security door market. The price of this type of door is relatively low, with steel as the main material. A little more upscale and more secure than it is a stainless steel security door, and the price is slightly higher.

Advantages: reliable quality and low price.

Disadvantages: The shape is hard, the style and pattern are not changed much, and it is difficult to integrate with modern interior decoration.

Steel - Wood Door Security Door

The steel-wood door's primary construction material is a steel-wood composite comprised of steel plate and wood. Its exterior is made of steel plate, and its interior is made of wood. Manufacturers can select various hues, types of wood, lines, and designs in accordance with customer preferences to fit with interior design, making steel doors less sterile and disjointed than they once were. Steel-wood doors are now the best security doors on the market, although being more expensive.

Advantages: Because producing materials are not extremely expensive, steel-wood doors are also reasonably priced; they are also tough, difficult to shatter or distort, and contain no dangerous elements. Additionally, the installation is easy and takes little time or effort.

Disadvantages:The door is difficult to restore when it has been grooved or scraped by intense pressure.

Aluminum Security Door

The aluminum alloy material used in the security door is different from the material used in ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows. It is highly durable, brightly colored, and embellished with decorative patterns to make people feel spectacular and magnificent. A mid-range security door, that is.

Advantages: This type of metal door has a high-quality material with a bright color, giving the door its good-looking design, in addition to pattern decorating and other features that reveal a beautiful and opulent temperament. Additionally, due to material considerations, the aluminum alloy security door is not easily corroded and faded.

Disadvantages: Some doors use pull stud hinges, which cannot be dismantled.When opening and closing the doors, metal and friction noises can be heard.

Stainless Steel Security Door

A stainless steel security door is an entrance door with outstanding security performance that is strong and safe.

Advantages: Stainless steel security doors provide higher security and security performance that is solid and long-lasting. Contrasted with common iron or steel mixed security doors, stainless steel doors not only maintain their bright color over time and never rust, but also stand out from the competition thanks to their uniqueness.

Disadvantages: Since stainless steel security doors are typically silver-white, the appearance and color give off an uninspiring, somewhat blunt impression.

Copper Security Door

The majority of copper security doors combine the entrance door and the conventional security door. In terms of cost, the best one is also the most expensive. The most affordable item on the market can cost tens of thousands of yuan, with the basic price being around 5,000 yuan. It is primarily utilized in upscale residential villas and financial institutions like banks.

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