1. Experience: 

With 18 years of experience in production and sales in the field, we have honed our skills and expertise to deliver high-quality products to our customers.

As a TOP5 manufacturer of security doors in China, we are confident that we can make your products more competitive, and we can even assist you in building a local factory and recommending equipment, and if your company is well qualified, we may also establish a joint venture with you to build a factory. Let's finally achieve a win-win situation

2. Size and Capabilities: 

Our factory covers 80,000 square meters and employs over 600 workers, allowing us to handle large orders and meet tight deadlines.

3. Quality Control: 

We pay close attention to quality control, ensuring that our customers receive products that meet their expectations and standards.

4. Customer Experience: 

Our focus on customer experience means that we provide personalized service and support, helping our customers to make informed decisions about their purchases.

5. OEM and ODM Services: 

We offer OEM and ODM services, allowing us to customize our products to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers.

6. Business partner: 

We have strong relationships with big brands such as Xiaomi,  further demonstrating our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

7. Competitive Pricing: 

Despite our focus on quality and customer service, we still strive to offer competitive pricing to our customers.

8. Innovative Solutions: 

Our commitment to innovation means that we are always exploring new and better ways to serve our customers and meet their changing needs.

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Factory: Baiyang Industry Area, Wuyi City, Zhejiang Province,China.
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We are a professional manufacturer in China. We continue to innovate so that our customers can have better products and services.
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