Interior Door

Popular WPC Bedroom Interior Wood Door

Popular WPC Bedroom Interior Wood Door
Popular WPC Bedroom Interior Wood Door
Popular WPC Bedroom Interior Wood Door
Popular WPC Bedroom Interior Wood Door

Product Description

Product Parameters

Product Parameters

Standard Size:

According to the actual size of the customer

Door Leaf Thickness:


Door Leaf:


Customer's Wall Thickness:

According to the actual size of the customer


multi-layer board + solid wood

Inner Filling:

Standard Honeycomb Paper Rock Wool/Fire-Proof Board Can Be Accepted

Lock Set:

High Quality Main Lock

Surface Treatment:

Poder Coated/Heat Transfer/Uv Painting(Customized)



Open Direction:




Transaction information

Unit of measurement:



payment method:


Trade terms:




General logistics information

type of shipping:


Port of shipment:


Supply capacity:


Packaging method:

1PVC Film+4Conner Protect+White Bubble Bag+Foam Board+Export Carton

Additional information


700,000 pcs/year

HS code:


The Cost of Interior Door Installation: Factors to Consider


Installing an interior door is a common home improvement project that can enhance both the functionality(You can choose different functional doors according to your needs.) and aesthetics of a space. The cost of installation can vary based on several factors, and understanding these factors is crucial for planning and budgeting. This article explores the different components that contribute to the cost of installing an interior door.

1. Door Type and Material:

The type and material of the door play a significant role in determining the overall cost. Basic flush doors made of materials like composite or hollow-core tend to be more affordable, while solid wood or specialty doors can be more expensive. The cost of the door itself should be factored into the installation budget.

2. Complexity of Installation:

The complexity of the installation process can affect the cost. Standard installations involving replacing an existing door with a similar one are typically less expensive. However, if modifications to the door frame or surrounding structure are necessary, such as resizing the opening or installing a new frame, the cost may increase due to additional labor and materials.

3. Hardware and Accessories:

The cost of hardware and accessories, such as door handles, hinges, locks, and trim, should be considered separately from the door installation. Higher-quality hardware and decorative elements may come at a higher price, adding to the overall cost.

4. Labor Costs:

Professional installation is recommended for proper fitting and to ensure the door operates smoothly. The cost of labor can vary based on factors such as the region, contractor rates, and the complexity of the installation. It's advisable to obtain quotes from different professionals to compare costs and services. As a professional supplier of doors, USELUCK DOOR can provide you with high-quality service and satisfactory products.

5. Additional Services:

Additional services, such as painting or finishing the door, may incur extra costs. If you prefer a specific color or finish, it's important to account for the cost of materials and labor for these services.

6. Local Factors:

The cost of interior door installation can be influenced by local factors such as market demand, availability of contractors, and regional labor costs. It's essential to research and obtain estimates from local service providers to get a more accurate idea of the cost in your specific area.


The cost of installing an interior door can vary depending on factors such as the type and material of the door, the complexity of installation, hardware and accessories, labor costs, and local market factors. To determine the exact cost, it's recommended to consult with professionals and obtain detailed quotes based on your specific project requirements. Proper budgeting and understanding these factors will help ensure a successful and cost-effective interior door installation. USELUCK DOOR has many different styles of interior doors to choose from, such as black interior door, interior wood door.

  • FAQ

    Q1: Are you manufacturer? Where is your factory located?
         A: Yes, we are. We are a professional and one of the largest door manufacturer and supplier in China. we can provide nice goods at competitive price.Our factory is located in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province , the city of the China Science and Technology Hardware Center.
    Q2: what is the minimum order quantity?
        A: Our min order qty is 100pcs.
    Q3: How long is the delivery time?
        A: It depends, normally, 15-20 working days after received the deposit and all details confirmed.
    Q4: Can we mix the 20ft container?
         A: Yes, if the items are meet our min order qty.
    Q5: How can you guarantee your products' quality?
       A: To control quality, we have four testing procedures: initial inspection, re-inspection, final inspection and sampling inspection.
    Q6: What are the terms of payment in your formal trade?
         A: Usually, T/T 30% deposit to start production, the balance paid before shipping.
    Q7: What preferential terms you could give me if I increase the order’s quantity?
         A: The price will have discount. More QTY, more discount.

  • Useluck Door Accessories

    Popular WPC Bedroom Interior Wood Door
    Popular WPC Bedroom Interior Wood Door

    Our accessories include: handles, lock cylinders, fillers, hinges, side locks, rubber strips,and door skins.Due to our high daily demand for parts, we invite you to contact us directly for purchasing with highly competitive prices!


Popular WPC Bedroom Interior Wood Door





country of origin:

Zhejiang China

Type of supply:

Original Manufacturer,Odm

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