Steel Security Doors

Exclusive Deal single exterior doors

Exclusive Deal single exterior doors
Exclusive Deal single exterior doors

Product Description

Product Parameters

Product Parameters

Standard Size:

2050*960 (Accept Customization)

Door Leaf Thickness:

68mm (can be customized)

Door Leaf:

Standard 0.8/1.0mm (Accept Customization)

Inner Filling:

Fire door core panel/honeycomb paper(Accept Customization)

Lock Set:

High Quality Main Lock+Side Lock+Up-Down Lock

Surface Treatment:

Heat Transfer(Accept Customization)

Open Direction:



Handle;Lock;Hinge;Peephole;Door Bell;Bolts


Fireproof; Burglarproof

Transaction information

Unit of measurement:



payment method:


Trade terms:




General logistics information

type of shipping:


Port of shipment:

Zhejiang China

Supply capacity:


Packaging method:

1PVC Film+4Conner Protect+White Bubble Bag+Foam Board+Export Carton

Additional information


700,000 pcs/year

HS code:


Are Security Doors Worth It?


- Importance of home security and the role of doors in preventing unauthorized access

- The question of whether security doors are worth the investment

Part 1: Enhanced Protection Against Break-Ins

- Reinforced Materials: High-strength steel or solid wood construction. In addition, we often use Galvanized Sheet and Cold Rolled Sheet.

- Deterrent Effect: Visible presence of a security door discourages potential burglars

- Resistant to Forced Entry: Strong frames, hinges, and locks make break-ins more difficult

Part 2: Added Safety for Residents

- Peace of Mind: Increased sense of security and reduced fear of break-ins

- Protection Against Home Invasions: Security doors act as a barrier against intruders

- Defense Against Smaller Threats: Safeguarding against vandalism, unwanted solicitation, or aggressive animals

Part 3: Improved Energy Efficiency

- Insulation Properties: Security steel doors with proper seals reduce drafts and heat loss

- Energy Savings: Minimized reliance on heating and cooling systems

- Environmental Benefits: Lower carbon footprint and reduced energy consumption


Part 4: Durability and Longevity

- Weather Resistance: Withstand harsh weather conditions without warping or deteriorating

- Resistance to Wear and Tear: Withstand constant use and maintain functionality

- Cost Savings: Avoid frequent door replacements or repairs due to damage. Maintaining and cleaning steel security doors is also important to save costs.

Part 5: Customizable Options to Suit Any Style

- Aesthetics: Wide range of designs, colors, and finishes to match any architectural style

- Personalization: Customizable features such as decorative glass inserts or panel designs. You can choose USELUCK DOOR, we can provide you with the right door according to your needs.

- Value Addition: Enhance the curb appeal and overall value of the property


- Security doors offer numerous benefits, including enhanced protection against break-ins, increased safety for residents, improved energy efficiency, durability, and customization options.

- While security doors require an initial investment, the long-term advantages outweigh the costs, making them a worthwhile addition to any home or establishment concerned about security and peace of mind.

  • FAQ

    Q1: Are you manufacturer? Where is your factory located?
         A: Yes, we are. We are a professional and one of the largest door manufacturer and supplier in China. we can provide nice goods at competitive price.Our factory is located in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province , the city of the China Science and Technology Hardware Center.
    Q2: what is the minimum order quantity?
        A: Our min order qty is 100pcs.
    Q3: How long is the delivery time?
        A: It depends, normally, 15-20 working days after received the deposit and all details confirmed.
    Q4: Can we mix the 20ft container?
         A: Yes, if the items are meet our min order qty.
    Q5: How can you guarantee your products' quality?
       A: To control quality, we have four testing procedures: initial inspection, re-inspection, final inspection and sampling inspection.
    Q6: What are the terms of payment in your formal trade?
         A: Usually, T/T 30% deposit to start production, the balance paid before shipping.
    Q7: What preferential terms you could give me if I increase the order’s quantity?
         A: The price will have discount. More QTY, more discount.

  • Useluck Door Accessories

    Exclusive Deal single exterior doors
    Exclusive Deal single exterior doors

    Our accessories include: handles, lock cylinders, fillers, hinges, side locks, rubber strips,and door skins.Due to our high daily demand for parts, we invite you to contact us directly for purchasing with highly competitive prices!


Exclusive Deal single exterior doors





country of origin:

Zhejiang China

Type of supply:

Original Manufacturer,Odm

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